Client List

Creative Producer/Director with over 30 years of Broadcast - Corporate - Industrial - Radio, Television and Film Production experience. Outstanding visualization, organization and technical knowledge with innovative production skills. Excellent client-based reputation for accomplishing objectives with professionalism, attention to detail and within budget.

Motorola Marketing Division
Presley Development Corp.
John C. Lincoln Hospital
William B. Revis, Lt.
Sports Medicine Clinic
U.S. Information Agency
General Motors
Phoenix Little Theater
Columbine Securities
Vanguard West
P.M. Magazine
CNN News Network
NHK Network-Japan
Phoenix Assembly Of God
Ford Proving Ground
Vacations on Video
Ace Asphalt of Arizona
J. Richard Gama
Galaxy Productions
Southwest Screen Print
Scottsdale Farmers Market
CBS News
Motorola G.E.D.
House of the Future
Motorola Consumer Products
Lions International
U.S. Air Force
Video West
Jordanian Consulate
Realty Executives
Penthouse Magazine
Science 2000
Dancing' Grannies
James Fisher
Wilson Learning Center
Video Magazine Videographer
Marketing Video
Guild Gold Show Videos
Legal/Medical videos
Medical Training
Video Consultant
Marketing Video
Marketing/Sales Videos
Local Footage for Network
Local Footage for Network
Local Footage for Network
Marketing/Sales Presentations
Legal Videos
Various - Videographer
Editor-Film Trailer
Local Commercials
National Footage for Housing Special
Video Documentary
Consultant - Audio
International Marketing-Video/Stills
Marketing Video
National Photographer
Audio/Video Productions
Commercial Compilation Video
Marketing/Consumer Video
Independent Videographer/Eng.
Video Home Showcase
Editor - Short Story for Cable TV
Editor Promotional Video
Marketing Video, editor
National Exercise Video - Producer/Dir.
Legal Videos
Edit Early training Videos

Produced: Two Network Radio Christmas Specials, numerous Radio and Television newscasts, numerous local angle stories for national and international distribution...

Bryans Extended Care Center
Command Performance
Computer Resource Services
EDS Federal
Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation
U.S. Defense Department
Marketing Corp. of America
Western Biomedical
Stephans & Toles
Shalimar Perfume
Islamic Cultural Center
Genrad Corporation
Merle Norman Cosmetics
Patrick McGroder
Intel Corporation
T.N.T. Corporation
Gabriel's Waterbed Factory
Sperry Flight Systems
American Greyhound Racing
Empire Machinery
Bryans Extended Care Center
Searle Consumer Products
Biegert Aviation
Greiner Engineering Services
New Home Concepts
A.G. Spanos Development
Scottsdale Memorial Hospital
Digital Equipment Corp.
Mr. Bee Pollen
Universal Dimensions Inc.
Hopi Indian Tribe
Galler Hospitality Systems
Phoenix Baptist Hospital
Az. Div. of Emergency Prep.
Edward Beaty Productions
A-M Community Homes
Metropolitan Homes
Jewellway International
The Wells at Red Mountain
Arizona Senior Olympics
Turning Dreams into Reality
Paradise Yacht Charter
Living on the Sun/Az Solar
BMW - UK Dealers
Media By Design...
Roo Productions
City of Phoenix
National Marketing Video
Demonstration Video
Marketing Video
Marketing/Focus Documentary
Marketing Documentary
Market Research Video
Marketing Video
Legal Helicopter Footage
Radio & TV Producer/Director
Writer of Clio Winning Concept
Annual Report Cover-Consultant
Regional Commercials
Original Concept Radio Spots
Legal Pre-Trial Videos
Video Consultant
National Marketing Program
Local Commercials
Marketing/Exercise National Video
Training Video
Video Consultant
Marketing Video
Patient Education Video
Marketing Video
Marketing Video
Marketing Video
Various Marketing Videos
Marketing Video
Surgical Documentaries
Video Systems/Consultant
Marketing Video
Various Educational Programs
Solar Documentary
Training/Demonstration Video
Various Medical-Consultant
Video Documentary
Documentary Editor
Marketing/Sales Video
Marketing/Sales Video
Training Videos-Lighting Dir.
Marketing Video-Lighting Dir.
Marketing Video-Lighting Dir.
Conference Show Video
National Commercial/Marketing
Local Television PSA's
Natl. Marketing Video-Videographer/L.D
National Sales Video-Videographer
Natl. Marketing Video-Videographer
PBS Network Program-Video/Audio
Conference Show Video
Natl. Kidney Foundation-Videographer
Director of Digital Photography - Feature Film
Water Documentaries - Editor

and more every day...

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